Recreational Gymnastics Program

For girls and boys aged 5 to 12 years.

The Recreational program is based on gymnastic activity rather than gymnastic sport. That is to say, the program teaches the fundamental movement families at the basis of all gymnastic abilities, instead of prematurely teaching the skills or techniques of competitive gymnastics. The recreational group is a gateway to the competitive stream. We have 6 levels to complete inside our recreational program.

6 Levels Of Progression

Multiple Booklets

Inside each level their are a number of different skill booklets to be completed.

WAG - Women's Artistic Gymnastics (6 booklets)

- Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Artistic, & Physical


MAG - Men's Artistic Gymnastics (7 booklets)

- Floor, Pommels, Rings, Vault, P-Bars, Bars, & Physical


T&T - Trampoline & Tumbling (5 booklets)

- Jumps, Flips, Turns, Artistic, & Physical

Skill Categories

Inside each booklet, all skills will be broken down into categories.

- Jumps

- Landings

- Rotations

- Locomotions

- Static Holds

- Swings

- Connections

Reward System

Stickers, stickers, and stickers!

Once you have been evaluated and successfully mastered a skill you will be rewarded a sticker in place of the star. Once you have completed the entire booklet you will be rewarded a large sticker at the bottom of your booklet to show booklet completion. The booklet is now yours to keep as a momentum.

A Successful Skill

What is a successful skill in gymnastics!

In gymnastics, a successful movement is not just a complete movement. In this club a successful skill is a gymnastic movement that the gymnast understands and is able to perform the skill confidently with proper technique, without hesitation or help. The skill should be aesthetically pleasing to the evaluators’ eye and should appear easy for the gymnast to perform.

Ready To Start Your Gymnastics Journey?

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