Family Discounts


Discounts for members enrolled in more than one SALTOS program:
- Discount of 20% if attending more than one day of any specific Rec program (20% off the total fee).
For example, if a child is in two days of Parkour, their fee is discounted 20%.  If an adult is in two
days of Adult Recreation, their fee is discounted 20%.
- 25% discount on the third day (lowest price of the three) of any Rec program if a member is
attending three recreation classes.  For example, if an individual child is in two days of Parkour,
their Parkour fee is discounted 20% (as approved above). If they then come to our new
Conditioning program as well, then that third class is discounted at 25%.


Discounts for families with 3 or more family members registered in Recreation Programs:
First and second family members in Recreation Programs pay the full fee.
- Third family member will receive a 15% discount on program fee (applied to the lowest of these
members' fees)


Discount policies cannot be used in combination with any other discount policy. 
In all cases, the policy that is the most beneficial to the family will apply. Discounts apply to training fees only, and do not apply to insurance or competition fees.



To promote and provide positive and diverse gymnastics experiences through the delivery of comprehensive quality gymnastics programming.


To Promote the sport of gymnastics in the sporting community as a foundation sport and to promote
it as a life-long activity accessible to all. To Inspire all to achieve their full potential and fulfill their personal goals.


- Integrity
- Excellence
- Teamwork
- Fair play
- Collaboration
- Diversity


The Head Coach will determine the composition of each training group in August of each year and
will communicate to parents their child’s placement in the group, their coach, and anticipated training
The Board requires that the Coach will take the following into consideration:
- Skill Level
- Age
- Maturity

Parents/Guardians of Saltos participants with concerns are asked to make all reasonable attempts to resolve the issue directly with the coach or other members of the Saltos staff. 
If the issue is unresolved the parent/guardian is asked to forward his/her concern in writing to the
Club Head Coach.  Every effort will be made by the Head Coach to resolve the issue in a timely
manner.  This process may involve consultation with the Executive Director.  The Executive
Director may also request a review of the issue by one or more of the Saltos Board members and
may also consult with Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labrador during the review process.
In the event that the complaint involves the Head Coach, the parent/guardian is asked to make all
reasonable attempts to resolve the issue with the Head Coach directly.  If the concern is
unresolved the parent/guardian is asked to contact the Executive Director in writing.  This will
initiate a process similar to that outlined above.




There will be no refunds for Recreational Programs after the start date unless we receive a medical
note. In some circumstances, we will offer in gym credit to be applied to other programs. All
refunds are subject to a $25 administration fee.




If a doctor prohibits a cheer or competitive athlete from training for 30 days or greater, the monthly fees will be prorated to reflect the approved leave (Doctor’s note required). 
Should a cheer or competitive athlete decide to withdraw from the Program without a doctor’s note, 30 days’ notice is required.  A withdrawal form must be submitted to the office. All unused funds in the athlete’s fundraising account are non-refundable. Competition fees are non-refundable.

There are no refunds after May 1 of any given year.

- No make-up classes


- No makeup classes offered for cancellations out of our control (Weather, Power outages, etc). If a group misses more than 2 classes due to unforeseen closures during our session a make-up class will be added at the discretion of the club. These classes will be scheduled by Saltos and may not fall during the regularly scheduled class times.
- No refunds will be provided for missed classes or make-ups


Jumpstart, Kidsport and other funding sources:
Saltos must receive a confirmation number or letter from the funding organization before placing a participant in a program.